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Genevieve's Geckos

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Welcome to Genevieve's Geckos!

I have been working with Rhacodacytlus ciliatus, otherwise known as the New Caledonian Crested Gecko or the Eyelash Gecko since 2003. They are an interesting species on many levels, easy for the beginning reptile keeper, but still intricate enough in color and genetics to intrique even the most seasoned herpetologist.
Please feel free to look around and enjoy some of the animals I keep and breed.

The New Caledonian Crested gecko comes in a color for everyone. From buckskin to orange to high contrast flames there is a "morph" for everyone. Please let me know if there is something you are looking for that you don't see, as there I have new babies hatching every day.
This site is continually under construction, please realize that I am an extremely busy veterinary student and I do not always have the time to update availabilty and such as often as I would like to. I appreciate your understanding greatly.

A female Crested posing for the camera:





All photographs on this page are property of Genevieve's Geckos/ Genevieve LaFerriere/ Gregory Costanzo. Please do not use them without permission.
Many thanks to Greg for all of his hard work and photography skills!

You can e-mail me at:

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